Fantasy Project

So it might sound odd but for the last 5 years my fantasy project has been to make a working and technologically advanced doorbell out of a broken one that is, or rather was, just simply a button attached to a hammer that hits a metal strip to make a sound. I love the idea […]

Sensory Overload

Most people walking don’t realize that they are surround and interact with hundreds of sensors everyday. We were asked to take a day and make a note of all the sensors that we run into. At the beginning of this project I thought maybe 10 would be the max but I found myself constantly writing […]

Fun with Sensors

So here are some tests using different analog sensors. Below are videos using a knob to fade an LED from LOW to HIGH and the other is a light sensor to fade the LED based on the amount of light that the sensor picks up.

Ding freaking dong!

Soooo. I decided to take my simple LED switch project one step further and mess with my broken (has been for 5 years) doorbell. Simple but AWESOME. Cant wait to expand on this even further and maybe have a teched out doorbell that all my 70 year old and up neighbors will be confused by, ha.

Inspired artwork or creative thievery?

The question of who owns what, when it comes to the creative world has always been a touchy subject. There has always been a very fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, whether it is a printmaker using a photographers image, an songwriter using a line from a novel or a dj sampling another musicians song. […]