Array of Balls

This is a project testing the array and loop features in processing. Every time the user clicks the screen a new bouncing ball is created. See it in action here.

Knobs and Computers

So this week for our lab in P Comp we are having fun with knobs and laptops, aka potentiometers and controlling Processing through the arduino. Below is an image of the arduino with the potentiometer connected to it and below that there are two videos that were created while I was controlling Processing with the potentiometer. Click and watch the purdy colors.

The Asshole

For our video and sound final film we were inspired by the stereotypical new york asshole who just doesnt give a crap about anyone else but himself. Watch the short film below to see what happens when your a dick to everyone around you, what goes around…

Snow Arduino

So for our Intro to Physical Computing class we learned how to make simple tones and notes using just the arduino. I attached three pressure sensors to communicate with my laptop and output a note to the attached speaker. To make things a little more interesting I decided to play a song. Rather than choosing something like Old McDonalds or Happy Birthday, I opted to choose something a little more current. So below is a video of me playing along to Snow Patrols Chasing Cars. Im not a huge personal fan or anything, but hey its only three chords and crazy easy to play. Enjoy Snow Arduino, haha, god Im such a nerd.


This is a test using servo motors and the arduino. A pressure sensor is hooked up to a servo motor which is attached to a finger board. When the pressure sensor is pushed the servo motor acts as a leg (or finger) and scoots the board across my dining room table. Ok so it only goes about 6 or 7 inches but its not the distance it goes its how well it works, ha. Video below.

Sounds of NYC and ITP

Here is a project that Mike Uzzi and I worked on for our video and sound class taught by Marianne Petit. We both spent a day collecting audio clips on the Zoom recording device and together used Abelton Live to mix them into a 5 minute track. Take a listen below.

NerdBell in Action

After days of trying to figure out why the final product wasnt working but the test had no issues, I finally completed the final project and mounted it to my door. Now everyone who comes to visit me will know just how big a nerd I am (and probably not come back, ha). Enjoy the video below.

NerdBell Test

Here is a test for my NerdBell Stupid Pet Trick project. When the pressure sensor is pressed the arduino activates a hacked audio birthday card that plays the theme song to Star Wars.