So over the last week we have made some great progress on our Beat Box. We got the wooden top purchased from a lumber yard in Woodstock, NY, you can see my buddy Chris in the above photo cutting this gorgeous piece of Mahogany down to size for me. As for the size of the box I am going back and forth between having everything wooden or using plexi to reveal the technical side of the piece. I really like the idea of having a nice natural piece of wood for the lid and having the technological side revealed below it for contrast, but I can also see the reason for keeping all that hidden and more of a mystery.

I have been toying around with RFID readers and tags and figured out how to attach a different musical loop to each of the 24 RFID tags, using the Minim library in processing to play the loops and just having the tags mute and unmute each loop when placed close to the readers, thus allowing everything to stay on the same beat. Below is a video showing this in action.

I have also figured out how to have a LED blink to the beat of whatever loop has been selected using the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) code in the Minim library which is communicating with the Arduino. Below is the video.