Fantasy Project

So it might sound odd but for the last 5 years my fantasy project has been to make a working and technologically advanced doorbell out of a broken one that is, or rather was, just simply a button attached to a hammer that hits a metal strip to make a sound. I love the idea […]

Sensory Overload

Most people walking don’t realize that they are surround and interact with hundreds of sensors everyday. We were asked to take a day and make a note of all the sensors that we run into. At the beginning of this project I thought maybe 10 would be the max but I found myself constantly writing […]

Fun with Sensors

So here are some tests using different analog sensors. Below are videos using a knob to fade an LED from LOW to HIGH and the other is a light sensor to fade the LED based on the amount of light that the sensor picks up.

Ding freaking dong!

Soooo. I decided to take my simple LED switch project one step further and mess with my broken (has been for 5 years) doorbell. Simple but AWESOME. Cant wait to expand on this even further and maybe have a teched out doorbell that all my 70 year old and up neighbors will be confused by, ha.