The Asshole

For our video and sound final film we were inspired by the stereotypical new york asshole who just doesnt give a crap about anyone else but himself. Watch the short film below to see what happens when your a dick to everyone around you, what goes around…

Sounds of NYC and ITP

Here is a project that Mike Uzzi and I worked on for our video and sound class taught by Marianne Petit. We both spent a day collecting audio clips on the Zoom recording device and together used Abelton Live to mix them into a 5 minute track. Take a listen below.

Inspired artwork or creative thievery?

The question of who owns what, when it comes to the creative world has always been a touchy subject. There has always been a very fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, whether it is a printmaker using a photographers image, an songwriter using a line from a novel or a dj sampling another musicians song. […]