Galapagos: Evolutionary Type Design

Galagagos is a generative typeface making tool that uses a generative algorithm to transform existing typefaces into new versions of themselves.  I collaborated with Danne Woo from the Tuesday session of Nature of Code.  This project was created in Processing and borrows heavily from Dan Shiffman’s “Faces” example of genetic evolution.

Circuit Board 2.0

For my Sustainable Energy final I have decided to continue work on my Circuit Board project which uses the kinetic energy of the spinning skateboard wheel to power undercarriage super bright LEDs. To improve on the beta version of the Circuit Board I am planing on embedding the LEDs into the board rather than using copper tape on the surface so its a lot more durable. Secondly I will create a housing area in the riser, which is the plastic piece between the truck and the deck, to hold the circuit board. There will be conductive metal bars embedded into the risers to pass the current from the generator to the circuit board to the LEDs. I am planing on redesigning the axel of the truck to actually include the generator as part of the axel thus reducing the number of parts. If the generator is attached to the axel itself the wheel can spin the generator directly.

Wave Energy Conversion Final Project

For my final project for Sustainable Energy I have decided to try and harness the awesome power of waves. There are many ways to collect the energy from a wave and I am still trying to decide which would be best (the rocking motion using a pendulum, the water pressure to spin a turbine, a turbine right below the surface, etc.) The second challenge is trying to figure out what would be a interesting device to power using energy created by a wave. Below are a few ideas.

Circuit Board

The Circuit Board uses the kinetic energy of the spinning wheel to produce power to light the undercarriage LEDs. The skateboard wheel spins a motor which outputs up to 7 volts depending on speed. The Circuit Board can really charge anything that requires electricity. The possibilities are really endless.

Skateboard iPhone Charger

Inspired by Bernard Kiwia’s bike phone charger created for the people of Tanzania, we wish to use a similar method but with a skateboard rather than a bike. Using the spinning wheel of the skateboard we plan to generate enough power to charge an iPhone.