Ding freaking dong!

Soooo. I decided to take my simple LED switch project one step further and mess with my broken (has been for 5 years) doorbell. Simple but AWESOME. Cant wait to expand on this even further and maybe have a teched out doorbell that all my 70 year old and up neighbors will be confused by, ha.

Inspired artwork or creative thievery?

The question of who owns what, when it comes to the creative world has always been a touchy subject. There has always been a very fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, whether it is a printmaker using a photographers image, an songwriter using a line from a novel or a dj sampling another musicians song. […]

Hello Grad School!

So I just completed my first week at ITP and cant wait to jump into the second one. So far we have had our Lecture Application class with Vito Acconci who went through his lifes work from his performance art pieces in the 60s to his more architectural and design work today. The first Video […]